Discover our various offers to support your projects.


A trip? A wedding? The arrival of a child? At every stage of life, project ideas abound. The personal loan has been designed to cover an unexpected event or simply to make your desires come true.

K-Invest offers you lower rates from 2.00% on Personal Loans, without project proof.


3,000 Euros - 200,500 Euros
12 months to 480 months.


You want to buy a new or used car?  Buy a two-wheeled vehicle or offer you a motorhome to drive along the roads? Buy a boat to discover new horizons ?

K-Invest can offer you financing solutions adapted to your situation.


4.000 € - 100.000 €
12 to 480 months


Do you have several credits? Are your monthly payments too high? Simplify the management of your credits by combining them into a single monthly payment.

You benefit from a single monthly payment adapted to your budget and a fixed and unique rate.

Up to 7 (seven) credits to be redeemed.
3.000€ - 200.000€
12 months to 480 months.


Do you want to settle in your home? To buy, build or renovate your home? Whether for your main residence, your second home or for the purpose of making a rental investment, our experts are at your disposal and will assist you so that your projects can be carried out in a peaceful atmosphere.

A principled response online immediately
A call back within 24 business hours from our advisors


80,000 euros - 1,500,000 euros
Rate: 3.00%, from 8 to 25 years old.


Need a loan to meet a specific cash flow need? Revolving credit can be the solution. K-Invest provides you with a credit that you can use as you wish and that will gradually be replenished. This amount decreases when you use it and is gradually replenished when you repay your loan. 

The revolving credit facility can be combined with a credit card. Purchases and withdrawals made with this card are then debited from the available capital.


5.000 € - 15.000 €
Rate: 3.00%.


Your project seems impossible to finance?  Do you have a project to create or develop your business?

Our specialised advisers will accompany you and advise you to enable you to obtain the most favourable financial conditions from our investors. As specialists in lending to professionals, our brokers are able to help you with all your financing needs. 

Entrusting us with the management of your professional loans means you can be sure that you will obtain the solution best suited to your company's needs and constraints.


You have a project, that you have already started, you need financing or a partner to take over the business, we are at your service for a winning partnership. We will study all your requests and we will meet you all over the world to help you carry out your current project.

We can invest up to 20 million Euros, if your project deserves it.


For any other type of financing, which is not described, you can contact us to let us know your request. We are at your service 24 hours a day.


Kitchen, bathroom, renovation work, you want to carry out development or renovation work in your apartment or your future house? Each arrangement made gives a unique touch to your property.

  • Interior design

  • Extension works: garage, floor, swimming pool, veranda;

  • Renovation of the house: roof, heating, renewable energy

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