All over the world, we have helped men and women. They benefit from our various financing and carry out their projects.

Michelle SP
Guangzhou, CHINA

Expatriate now integrated!
“I needed a loan to be able to buy a house here in Guangzhou. By contacting this site, I received the necessary help and I was able to establish a sustainable activity here. Without you I would not have been able. Thanks again. ”

Anja S.-
Cologne, GERMANY

Excellent service and quick decision!
“For me, having been able to benefit from a loan without having to spend days and months waiting for scholarly and unnecessary decisions from our banks (for a refusal), was a pleasant surprise.”


Katharina & Helmut S

Fast file processing!
“The processing of the file, the response relating to the loan agreement and the provision of funds were rapid. We point out that this is the second time that we have called on K-Invest. Don't change anything and thank you again. ”

Phillipp. S.-

Investment partners
“I found a reliable partner for an investment in my project to build a natural park in my country. With the support of Mr LEVI, we are at 85% completion rate in October 2017. ”

Elena L. -
Helsinki, Finland

“I will make very good publicity with my clients and relatives. I think many people do not know about your existence, like myself, two months ago. Long live you and thank you for trusting me! ”

Nicolas D. -

Very good service!
“Listening attentively with quick and reliable responses facilitates contact with a contact; rapid study of files; problem-free provision of funds; to recommend without reservation. ”

Adriana T.
Milan, ITALY

Reliable and fast site.
“I made my request online. The responses arrived quickly and clearly. No avalanche of documents to provide (I appreciate.). Quick response and funds paid as quickly. Everything is well indicated at each stage of the process. ”

Ingebjørg & Thorbjørn
Trondheim, Norway

Pleasantly surprised !
“We have experienced several refusals to buy back our outstanding loans. Without much hope and surfing the net, we came across K-Invest which buys loans all over Europe. We made a request and had a credit repurchase within a few days. ”

Jhon S.-

I recommend.
“Thanks to an advertisement on Facebook I got to know this site. I managed to get my loan. I had satisfaction in 4 days. If you also need a credit, or if you are prohibited from banking, please contact them to find out about their offer. ”

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